Line I: Install Insulation

I1 Install Types of Thermal Insulation

I2 Install Types of Acoustical Insulation

I3 Install Vapour Barriers and Sealants

I4 Use Mechanical Fasteners and Adhesives

Line J: Install Non-Load Bearing Metal Framing

J1 Describe types of wall, floor and ceiling assemblies, types of substrates & properties

J2 Use cutting fitting and fastening methods

J3 Use layout methods

J4 Build walls ceilings and bulkheads 

J5 Prefabricate metal framing

J6 Install metal door and window frames

J7 Install access panels

Line L: Install Gypsum Wallboard

L1 Describe Types

L2 Use Cutting, Fitting and Fastening Methods

L3 Use Proper Methods of Handling and Stacking

L4 Install Types of Gypsum Board

L5 Describe Problems Related to Installing and Finishing

L6 Install Shaft Wall Assemblies

L7 Orientation to drywall finishing

L8 Install Security Mesh

Line M: Install Drywall Beads and Mouldings

M1Describe types of beads

M2 Use cutting, fitting and fastening methods

M3 Install Drywall Beads

M4 Install Drywall Mouldings

M5 Install Drywall Reveals and Expansion Joints

Line N: Install Fireproofing and Soundproofing

N1Describe types and rating systems of fire and sound proofing

N2 Use cutting, fitting and fastening methods

N3 Install Materials for Soundproofing Assemblies/Install Lead Shielding

N4 Install Materials for Fireproofing of Wall and Ceiling Assemblies