Line A: Describe Wall & Ceiling Installation Work

A1 Describe work performed by Wall and Ceiling Installers

A2 Describe the construction industry structure

A3 Use standard construction terminology 

A4 Describe wall and ceiling trades

Line B: Apply Safe Working Practices

B1 Use Personal Protective Clothing and Equipment

B2 Demonstrate good workplace housekeeping

B3 Apply workplace hazardous materials & WHMIS practices

B4 Describe WCB industrial health and safety regulations

B5 Perform safe working habits

B6 Insure safe working conditions

B7 Attain first aid level 1 certification

B8 Coordinate work with other trades

Line C: Identify Building Codes and Fire Assemblies

C1 Describe applicable building codes

C2 Identify building code requirements for wall and ceiling installation

C3 Describe fire assemblies

C4 Codes and standards

Line D: Prevent and Correct Mould Issues

D1 Describe Types of Mould

D2 Prevent Mould Issues

D3 Correct Mould Issues

Line E: Apply Safe Use of Ladders, Scaffolds & Equipment

E1 Use and Maintain Sawhorses and Stilts

E1 Use and Maintain Ladders and Scaffolding

E2 Use and Maintain Swing-Stage Scaffolds

E3 Perform Approved WCB Riggings and Hand Signals

E4 Use and maintain lifelines and safety belts

E5 Use manlifts, boomlifts and forklifts

E6 Use fall arrest and fall restraint systems

Line F: Demonstrate Safe Use and Maintenance of Tools

F1 Hand tools

F2 Use and maintain measuring and layout tools

F3 Use and maintain cutting tools

F4 Use and maintain fastening tools

F5 Use and Maintain Power Tools

F6 Use and Maintain Powder Actuated Tools

F7 Use laser levelling equipment

Line G: Apply Mathematics

G1 Use Fractions, Decimals and Percentages

G2 Calculate area and perimeter

G3 Calculate linear dimension

G4 Calculate square footage

G5 Use imperial and metric systems

G6 Use geometry

Line H: Read Blueprints and Specifications

H1 Read architects scale

H2 Use signs symbols and abbreviations

H3 Use blueprints to layout work

H4 Door and window schedules

H5 Specification and change orders

H6 Use measuring & calculating tools and equipment

H7 Draw simple floor and ceiling plan with details sections and elevations

Line Q: Estimating and Project Planning

Q1 Perform estimating quantity

Q2 Estimate material quantity

Q3 Estimate labour quantity

Q4 Use current provincial wall and ceiling standards

Q5 Plan and organize work