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After you have secured employment with a wall and ceiling contractor and have completed approximately three months of on-the-job training, you qualify to enroll in the Apprenticeship Training program.  You will need your employer to sponsor you during your apprenticeship program.  You can discuss your program options with the BCWCA Training Coordinator who will assist you with completion of the necessary paperwork.

Step 1: 

Download and print this form, then complete it ITA Registration Form. When completing this form be sure to fill in the Program trade as Wall and Ceiling Installer. Please call the BCWCA Training Coordinator for information about the Drywall Finisher or Plasterer Trades.  Have your sponsor complete the sponsorship section of the form, sign and submitt as per the directions.  The ITA will send your sponsor a wallet size registration card with your Trade Worker ID number (TWID) officially recognizing your apprenticeship program.  Your Sponsor is to give you the wallet card.  At this point your sponsor can then begin recording your work place hours which are an important part of your apprenticeship training  Call the BCWCA Training Coordinator for assistance with claiming back hours if applicable. Follow this link to see all the information about the Wall and Ceiling (Lather) program

Step 2:

Choose a wall and ceiling course from the Course Schedule. The BCWCA courses are all offered on a part-time basis, all day Friday, all day Saturday so you can continue working during your training.

Step 3:

Call the BCWCA Training Coordinator during regular business hours for assistance with the forms or further program information at 604-575-0511