Wall and Ceiling Installer is a Red Seal trade. It consists of 4 levels of in-school training, totalling 420 hours of instruction and 150 hours of self-study. In addition, to qualify for certification, one has to complete 4,500 hours of work in the trade:

Below is a complete list of competencies covered in the The Wall and Ceiling Installer Program

The Wall and Ceiling Installer replaces the former Lather (Interior Systems Mechanic) apprenticeship program. To enrol in this program you must have:

  • A strong interest in working in the Wall and Ceiling sector;
  • Physical fitness and manual dexterity
  • An ability to work at heights and in all kinds of weather and working conditions;
  • Completed at least grade 10 and have appropriate math and English proficiency;
  • A satisfactory interview with a training coordinator or training provider.

A Wall and Ceiling Installer will learn to assemble and install non-load bearing steel studs, interior and exterior gypsum products, suspension systems for metal lath and plaster, backer board and rainscreen systems for exterior stucco products, acoustical, metal linear and specialty ceilings, as well as windload and axial load bearing steel stud systems in residential, commercial and highrise constructionn in conjunction with composite floor systems.

The work of Wall and Ceiling Installers is often physically demanding and requires healthy individuals with good stamina. Wall and Ceiling Installers need to have good vision, good spatial perception, and an ability to estimate size and dimensions. They need to be able to read blueprints and work at height. Good hand-eye coordination is also important.

During the in-school training, the apprentice will spend part of their time in a classroom setting receiving instruction on the correct use and interpretation of shop drawings, blueprints, building codes and the related trade mathematics. The remaining time is spent in a shop setting where the apprentices apply their theoretical knowledge to build shop projects and use safe work practices. After sucessful completion of the required training, employment and examination, apprentices are awarded aJourneyperson Certification.


  • Wall and Ceiling Installer – Lather Complete Set$213.95
  • Wall and Ceiling Installer – Lather (Level A)$82.95
  • Wall and Ceiling Installer – Lather (Level A & B)$128.95
  • Wall and Ceiling Installer – Lather (Level B)$78.95
  • Wall and Ceiling Installer – Lather (Level C)$65.95
  • Wall and Ceiling Installer – Lather (Level C & D)$96.95
  • Wall and Ceiling Installer – Lather (Level D)$54.95

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