The Association offers assistance to its various members in many forms.

Benefits to Contractors
Contracts are assisted with technical information and specifications, Code related issues, workmanship standards, industry recommendations, and manufacturers literature. Field assistance with inspections is available to member firms.

Benefits to Dealers/Suppliers
Dealers/Supplies are kept informed on technical and Code matters, given a forum to reach the trade contractors, assistance with job-related problems, and promotion of materials and products for the industry.

Benefits to Manufacturers, and Manufacturers Representatives
Manufacturers, and Manufacturers Representatives are provided with a forum to reach the contractors, officials, specifiers and users of their products, are kept informed of code and technical information, receive assistance with job-related problems, and have a common source to deal with industry-wide issues.

Meetings and Publications
Monthly Chapter Meetings, the BC Wall and Ceiling Industries Summit meets every other year (2022), and various industry seminars provide members with knowledgeable information and affords regular personal contact with contractors, manufacturers, suppliers and many other peers in the industry.

In-house seminars and educational courses are available through the Association. Topics include Interior Finishing, Exterior Cladding and Business Management. Courses covering other subject areas are being developed.

Fun Events
There are golf tournaments & conventions held at various scenic locations. All of these are fun filled events to enjoy and relax while getting to know the other members.


Apprenticeship Training
Member contractors and industry representatives work closely with the Provincial Apprenticeship Programs to ensure the appropriate trades training takes place for the industry.

Industry Standards
The Association promotes the use of Standard Specifications through the development of industry standards manuals. The AWCC Specifications Standards Manual,  other published Recommendations, and some manufacturers literature is available through the Association.

Technical Assistance
The Association offers general advice and consultation on industry recommendations and standards in a non-proprietary manner. Design and Engineering Professionals, Inspection Agencies, and General Contractors rely on the Association for technical support