Trades Training


The BC Wall & Ceiling Association through the Training and Standards Committee actively promotes and coordinates apprenticeship training programs for the Wall and Ceiling Industry, including the Wall and Ceiling Installer and Drywall Finisher. The goal of the committee is to provide relevant training in these trades when and where its needed and to be a source of technical information to the industry.

Getting the training you need is just the first step! There’s still certification, getting your foot in the door and putting your newly learned skills to work. The Trades Training program is driven by the needs of the wall and ceiling industry and guided by the expertise and commitment of the British Columbia Wall & Ceiling Association. This program provides a vital link from training to job placement and beyond.

Congratulations to our many apprentices who have completed the entire program and have earned their RED SEAL as a Wall & Ceiling Installer.  The program has financial benefits from Gov’t Incentive Grants, Tax Credits as well as a $2,000 Completion Grant once your RED SEAL is earned!

Enroll in the Trades Training program today!

You’ll get the professional instruction you need and the support of an industry that is committed to your success and ready to hire.

Important Note:

In order to write exams, candidates MUST provide one of the following types of Gov’t issued PHOTO Id on Exam Day – so please ensure you have current and proper ID :

–  British Columbia Identification Card

–  Canadian Driver’s License

–  Canada or US Passport

–  Canadian Permanent Residency Card

–  Certificate of Indian Status (Canada)



As a Wall and Ceiling Installer you will learn to assemble both non-load bearing and load bearing steel studs, interior and exterior gypsum products, suspension systems, rainscreen systems, curtain wall, acoustical and specialty ceilings for residential, commercial and highrise construction. Learn more

DRYWALL FINISHER – If this is your trade and you are interested in training please register with the ITA as a Drywall Finisher.  Courses for this trade are offered by the Finishing Trades Institute when demand is achieved.

As a Drywall Finisher you will learn to prepare, tape, fill and sand all seams, joints, corners and angles in preparation for final wall decorations. Training and instruction for this trade will include: job inspection, taping, applying bead, maintaining equipment, filling compounds, repairs and corrections, finishing corners and edges, texture surfaces and job estimating.

PLASTERER – note: formal training is currently not available for this trade.

As a Plasterer you will apply plaster and other decorative materials on interior and exterior walls producing finished and/or fireproofed surfaces. Training and instruction to become a certified plasterer will include, surface preparation, cleanup, interior plaster, ornamental work, plaster repair, sprayed-on fireproofing insulation and stucco.